I am not a Turkish girl and if you read my blog, you probably know that I am way too far of being one. My blood and roots are pretty Brazilian but as life is an emotional rollercoaster full of adventures, I moved to Turkey in February 2015 and Cappadocia became my home.


Since that day I am living like a local (or at least trying to) and as many people are always curious to know what does Cappadocia has to offer as a destination, I decided to share a little bit of information about my favorite places and things to do


It’s like living in the moon…

Have you ever watched Star Wars? If the answer is yes, so you probably remember about the background and all the “alien” vibes. Well, Cappadocia was the inspiration for the first movie which was supposed to be shooted here but unfortunately ended up being recorded in Tunisia due to some political problems.


What enchants me the most is that you will never get tired of the landscape and depending on where you are, the feeling of living in another planet gets bigger.



You can also sleep in the moon…

Years and years of nature actions created amazing fairy chimneys that nowadays are isolated inside of protected areas but in the past people used to live there and carve the rocks to build their shelters and houses. Nowadays you can still stay in an original cave by booking a cave hotel as your accommodation while here.


Beyond the excitement of spending your night “like a local” you will be treated as a genuine Sultan. The hospitality sector grew a lot during the last years and the focus into quality standards became a mandatory part of hoteliers routine.



… And float through the moon!

Cappadocia is known as one of the best places to go for a hot air balloon ride and that’s why this activity is one of the favorite ones among the tourists and even local people.

Every day before the sun rises people are taken to the fields and watch the preparation of the balloons. They later get on board and fly through the fairy chimneys and little towns.


Being in a balloon basket is the best way you may find to take EXCELLENT pictures. Do a test and type #cappadocia on instagram to see how many incredible shoots people take every day from their balloon adventures.


It’s important to mention that the good balloon companies from Cappadocia will offer you well experienced pilots, professional staff, comfortable vehicles for transportation and good insurance; so you don’t have to fear anything and will be able to enjoy your tour.


Foodies are welcome…

Turkish people like to eat good things and have their table full of delicious dishes to share with family and friends. Once you are in Cappadocia you MUST visit a typical restaurant and taste local food. The options are many and due to the big number of foreigners visiting the area, almost every restaurant offers a vegetarian menu.


Wine lovers meet paradise…

Cappadocia & Wine = a perfect pair. The region is extremely successful on the production of different grapes which are the base for tasty local wine.

If you are lucky enough to be invited for an open air valley party during summer, you will see a sky full of stars, get warm nearby a campfire and taste homemade wine.

The winter in Cappadocia is long and with all the snow covering the outside, the best option for a night enjoyment is to open a bottle of wine and slice some cheese.



Do yourself a favor: lie down and relax…

Too lazy for exploring the caves or just too tired of a whole day exploring? I truly recommend a Turkish bath! It’s not the kind of thing we (like if I was Turkish) do all the time but if you came to Cappadocia you HAVE to try the traditional Hammam with a massage.

It will be a completely different experience from everything you have already done in life, even if you are a “spa expert” or beauty maniac.