The fact that I am a foreigner young girl living in Turkey always “awakes” people curiosity regarding my life story and how did I end up here. I am used to it and it’s always a pleasure to talk about the long journey that brought me to Cappadocia.


Besides all the personal experience, the most important part of my life in Anatolia is the knowledge I acquired by watching and learning about people’s culture and habits. Not only the Turkish history is famous all around the world, but especially the Turkish art.


One of the most important products exported from Turkey to all around the world is the traditional handmade Turkish carpet. More than a simple decorative item, it’s a timeless and fantastic piece of art produced by skilled hands and creative minds.


Many people want to buy their exclusive Turkish carpet but are always afraid of being cheated by unreliable sellers. As every original art piece, the price and the elements in its composition are an index for the quality of the product.


Would it be perfect to visit Turkey and live the entire magic of choosing the carpet of your dreams? YES, I highly recommend the destination and offer my personal travel consultant services (click here for more details) for those who wants to have not only great moments but also peace of mind while on vacation.

Unfortunately not everyone has time or money for the trip. In this case the internet is the solution as nowadays many carpet stores are selling their products online and you are able to receive your Turkish carpet at the door while reading my blog.


The good part of it? The comfort! But to help you and avoid a waste of time and money, here are some tips from somebody who knows carpets very well.


These are some very important points to check before choosing the carpet that matches your preferences and budget. You will not regret!




Is this a real handmade carpet? The original handmade ones have a more complex structure and are produced to be perfect and exclusive. The price follows the quality so be aware of really cheap pieces.

Where and when was it produced? The place where the carpet comes from shows its “style” as every village has different artistic influences and patterns. The age of the carpet may increase the value: the older the piece, the higher the cost.

What was the material used to weave it?  Wool, cotton and silk are common elements, being silk the finest one.

What is the meaning of the drawing? The life, personal experiences and story of the lady who weaved it will be the “heart of the pattern”. Artistic influences of the place she comes from are also important.

Can I wash my carpet? How should I clean it? Depends on the material. A trustable seller will always explain you the best method to preserve your carpet.

Are the shipping costs covered? A carpet is a big and heavy item so even the people who come in person to choose one, will probably not take it inside of the bag during the flight back home. Reliable stores offer you the option to receive the carpet at the door free of charge.

How long the colors will last? Depends on the quality of the carpet. If it was dyed with natural pigments, the fading process will be almost imperceptible.

How much does it cost? The price of a carpet depends on its age, material, size, and “style”. A carpet with more knots per square meter is naturally more expensive. You may find good quality carpets starting with 250 dollars up to thousands. 

Will it match the place I want to put it? A good seller can suggest you the best carpet based on your preferences. Don’t worry about it, there is ALWAYS a carpet that matches your personality.

How can I know if I am doing a good business? Unfortunately, there are dishonest people in this sector like in every single place around the world. Many untrustworthy shops and sellers are buying “made in China” carpets and announcing them as originally Turkish.