On today’s article I decided to do something a little bit different (not to say “negative”) rather than give you travel tips about the amazing places you should go and things you should do while in Cappadocia.


As many of you know, I moved here and learnt how to navigate the region, where to go for a delicious meal and how to book the perfect hotel room. Meanwhile I also understood which attitudes and choices are a big NO NO when it comes to a pleasant holiday in Cappadocia.


1)    Try To Use Public Transportation!

Now here is something I have to admit: public transportation in Cappadocia is way better, safer and more effective than I experienced in Brazil but even though this service is easily available for a cheap price; it is also not thought or designed for tourists.


There are different bus companies operating in each town, different types of vehicle and most of them just take passengers from one bus station to another without going around.

Bus drivers do not speak english and if you are trying to go to your hotel; in the end you will still need a taxi.


The public transportation in Cappadocia was projected for the local community who normally works in one part of the region and lives in another one.



    2) Get a taxi at the airport!

It seems cheap and easy, right? Well… that’s not the case if you don’t speak Turkish fluently. As anyone would imagine there are rules for the local taxi drivers’ association but we all know that not everybody follows the rules.


By choosing to take a cab instead of booking a private transfer; you will pay the same amount of cash for a smaller car which may not be available once your flight lands plus it’s almost sure you and your nose are gonna spend one nice hour smelling months of accumulated cigarette scent from the car seats… and this is just the best scenario.


In the worst of cases, you can meet a scammer who will try to make the ride as long as possible to charge you extra cash or even take advantage of your nonexistent Turkish skills to claim that the dealt was in euros not in Turkish Liras; just so you gotta pay them a lot more than expected without being able to argue.


On a private agency booked transfer you just won’t have any of these risks and as a lazy person I must tell you: the cost of comfort and tranquility is worthy.


   3) Trust the “5 star hotel” stamps!

Many people assume that a “5 star” badge means luxury, safety and top class service. Well; I hate to be the one breaking your heart but that’s a lie.


The criteria used to grant stars for a hotel is based on the number of facilities offered at this property; which has nothing to do with the quality of these.

If you pick up any 5 star hotel brochure to read their specifications; most of them will be promoting their own restaurant, a swimming pool area, a spa, free wi-fi connection and king size beds but nobody is there to judge if the restaurant serves horrible 5 days old pasta; if the swimming pool is covered in mold, if the spa is actually a jacuzzi on a terrace, etc.


So; to choose a proper luxury hotel I would recommend looking for awards and international property collections such as: Relais & Châteaux, Small Luxury Hotels Of The World, International Hotel Awards, Condé Nast Johansens and similars.


   4) Assume Göreme is the only good place to stay!

Yes, Göreme is the most instagrammable area in Cappadocia. In fact; if you open your Instagram right now and type “Cappadocia”; most of the photos are hot air balloon related and include gorgeous girls on amazing rooftops; however, Göreme is far to be the best place to book a hotel room.


Cappadocia is a big region composed by different towns, each one with its special characteristics when it comes to hospitality and it would be truly unfair to name Göreme as the best of them; even though it’s for sure the most popular one.


But how can you decide where to stay if you have no idea about the differences? Well, soon I’ll be posting an exclusive travel guide with essential information for those who would like to navigate the region with reliable information on their pockets but for now; here are some interesting details of three of the main towns beside Göreme:


Uchisar: highest spot of the entire Cappadocia. Famous for its rock castle and panoramic view. The town is known for being home for the fanciest hotels and resorts.


Ürgup: I like to call it “the hipster town” of Cappadocia due to its funny combination of modern stores, cave restaurants, apartments and nice hotels.


Ortahisar: the recently “invaded” town of Cappadocia. The surroundings are quiet, hotels are amazingly peaceful and you can still have the interaction with real local people.


   5) Get a makeover at a local coiffeur!

I am one of those people who tend to get a makeover several times a year; just for the pleasure of trying something new and experiment with my own style.

Some people get inspired by travels and decide to do it “the local way”. I wouldn’t recommend that not even in a million years.


It’s not that the hairdressers in Cappadocia are bad but the technique is not as good as in other places and tend to be a bit outdated both for haircuts and color treatments.


Besides overpriced services for tourists and few trustable places to go; the coiffeur adventure may give you a more reasons to cry than to celebrate.


   6) Rely solely on wi-fi!

Here is a cave region surrounded by hills, rocks, ups and downs. Even though we are living our best technological life; sometimes you can’t trust the wifi quality and unfortunately for the next years there won’t be much to do regarding this issue.


Cappadocia is a piece of land protected by UNESCO and carefully preserved due to its natural beauties and archaeological treasures; most of them underground. For these reasons it would be a silly decision to install cables all around.


Wi-fi is a nice option while at your hotel but once you get here I would truly recommend purchasing a SIM card with an internet package.




Of course, there are many other travel tips as well as do’s and don'ts to be shared with you but for now, be sure to check our other posts and get in touch with us through e-mail or Instagram if you have any special requests or would like travel assistance.