If you’re planning to spend some time in Cappadocia, I am sure you’ve already started the search for “best hotels” to stay and got confused with so many cave rooms and zero solid references.


Once you decide to travel to places like Paris or Rome, you kinda know what you’re looking for because let’s be honest, the European standards of hospitality are somehow obvious to us. We grew up watching those fancy avantgard 5 star hotels on movies and TV so it’s no hard task to choose one among them, but how can you choose the right cave hotel in Cappadocia?


Here are some tips to help you out:


1)    Price Matters!

Yes, I know… we all love some discounts and the “best rates” on internet can be tempting; however the cave hotel experience works on a different way.

To maintain a cave in good conditions to welcome guests and offer them a clean and safe environment; it’s necessary a certain amount of money. It’s still a cave after all!

Absurdly cheap rates can be translated into:

-       Bad Location: the hotel is far away from everything or even on the top of a hill where cars can’t take you and you’ll have to carry heavy bags up and down.

-       Deteriorated Facilities: conservation expenses are not cheap and if you pay such a low amount of money to stay in a hotel, most probably they are not keeping up with the maintenance. One day you may wake up covered in dust or even have some rocks landing on your bed. In a not so pessimistic scenario, bed linen is not constantly replaced, the toilet is a mess, TV doesn’t work, wifi is a joke and food is a no no.

-       Extra Costs For Everything: did you read the voucher? The cheap accommodation in a cave hotel with swimming pool, spa and a beautiful view may actually be for a corner room right in front of the kitchen with a tiny window, some mold on the floor, a piece of bread and two boiled eggs that they call breakfast or just no breakfast at all. Shall we mention the overpriced spa treatments and additional taxes per person to use the swimming pool?!


2) Photos… But Not Their Photos!

We’re fully connected nowadays and people take social media seriously. Websites like TripAdvisor are a great tool to measure the hotel’s popularity among those who matter: past guests! Do you wanna know how is a hotel room for real? Go check their TripAdvisor profile and take a look on the photo albums, however please avoid the “management photos” and focus on recent pictures from guests!


3) Define Your Priorities

There are more than 400 hotels spread all around Cappadocia, so how can you understand which one is appropriate?

Well, think about yourself! What are your expectations for this travel? Are you on honeymoon? Do you have kids? Would you like to enjoy peace, silence and tranquility or to have fun all day and all night? Proper dinner or just some snacks? Open buffet or a la carte?

By answering these questions it’s possible to eliminate many options from the list and stick to what suits you the most.

I know what you’re thinking: “how can I do this if I don’t know the region?”. That’s what travel agents are for!


Why you should contact a local travel agency?

The tourism business in Turkey is a serious industry with rules and a fully functional system. Once you decide to book not only your accommodation but other services as well with a licensed travel agency; you are automatically free from scams!


Besides knowledge and professional experience; a travel agent can offer you many other advantages such as the guarantee of a good room, which many times isn’t possible to assure via online booking.


If you need assistance to choose the perfect hotel and to plan an incredible stress free vacation in Cappadocia; please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you!